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Cowin LCD POL CUT achieves another great performance

COWIN Release: Suzhou Keyun Laser Technology Co. LTD Date: 2020-08-18



      This week, 5 LCD POL CUT devices successfully passed the customer's on-site acceptance, and 7 LCD POL CUT devices are expected to be shipped this month.

 Cowin LCD POL CUT equipment market share has exceeded 75%

The high market share reflects the broad recognition of the laser cutting technology and technology of Cowin in the display industry.


  /Core strengths / 


1.CO2 laser cutting

2. Compatible with POL outer cutting and inner cutting

3. No damage to the glass when cutting inside the surface

4. Detection of cutting accuracy with face array camera flying shot

5. It can be corresponding to two-side four-side inner cutting and two-side outer cutting

Polarizing slice in


Polarizing film external cutting


/Process indicators/


HAZ ≤ 50um

Taper ≤ 50um

Side Wave ≤ 50um

Cutting precision < ± 50um

No glass damage during internal cutting 

No wound Mura, stab, bump   

/Outstanding achievement/


Rate of grain or move ≥99%

Process yield≥99.99% 

  The LCD POL CUT automatic equipment is compatible with products of different sizes, with the maximum cutting size up to 110 inches.

 It can correspond to the G11 generation line, the highest generation line in the world; Assisted the production of g8.6-G11 large-size LCD narrow bezels,

 and promoted the booming development of China's display industry.


The LCD POL CUT automatic equipment of Suzhou Cowin Laser Technology Co., LTD has excellently realized the functions of inner and outer cutting, 

single side cutting and double side cutting in polarized light sheet.At the same time, through the high precision optical motion control system,

the technological breakthrough of cutting glass without damage was realized. To ensure the maximum cutting yield and effectively improve product quality;

For the display panel industry to provide the industry's best cutting equipment.

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