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Deputy Secretary Of Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone Zhou Xuebin and his party came to visit our company

COWIN Release: Suzhou Keyun Laser Technology Co. LTD Date: 2020-03-21

On March 20th, Mr. Zhou Xuebin, Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as Secretary Zhou) and his delegation arrived for investigation and guidance, and Mr. Huang Yang, General Manager of Ke Yun attended the reception.

  The discussion meeting 

General Manager Huang Yang (hereinafter referred to as General Manager Huang) first introduced to the guests the progress of the resumption of work and production, the epidemic prevention and control measures, the difficulties affected by the epidemic and the breakthroughs made through various efforts. Further introduce the company's operation and development situation and the plan for the next three years: Based on the market trend and customer demand of the display field in the next three years, we made a rigorous analysis of market share and formulated precision marketing strategies to ensure the effective and steady growth of marketing profits in the next three years.

In terms of technology, we continue to dig deep in the existing display industry, open up new markets in the semiconductor industry, and deploy the semiconductor business unit. We bring together outstanding technical elites from mainland China, Taiwan China, South Korea and other industries to ensure the existing technology and realize the new technology.

In terms of management, we implement the shareholding structure of the core management team.

Secretary Zhou highly affirmed and appreciated the planning and development of the company in the next three years, and recognized the equity structure management mode of the sustainable and stable development of Keyun.


 Visit the production workshop 

Accompanied by General Manager Huang, Secretary Zhou and his party leaders made in-depth visits to the production site. In the 3000m2 production workshop of Keyun, 12 equipment in production were arranged in an orderly way, and technicians had a clear division of labor to carry out production in an efficient and orderly manner. Secretary Zhou and his party leaders are also interested in asking the technical staff about the technical functions of the equipment, the parameters of the equipment and the service status of the existing customers.




After the visit, Secretary Zhou and his party returned to the conference room, where they highly affirmed the work of Keyun and indicated that the high-end laser processing technology that Keyun is engaged in is one of the key supporting industries in Wuzhong District, we should firmly develop confidence, give play to our own advantages, and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of Wuzhong District. General Manager Huang also expressed his gratitude to Secretary Zhou for his support and expressed his belief that Under the care and guidance of governments at all levels, Ke Yun would achieve the goal step by step.

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