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Cowin Laser: OLED Laser automatic cutting

COWIN Release: Suzhou Keyun Laser Technology Co. LTD Date: 2020-07-21

Cowin laser

"OLED Laser Automatic Cutting Equipment"


In October 2016

The Mi MIX has been unveiled

Redefine mobile Windows with 91.3% of the screen.

In September 2017


Black "bangs" are a global trend for the "full screen" concept.

And then, as you can see:

Infinity U "water screen" design;

Infinity V "Beauty tip" design;

Infinity O "punch screen" design;

New Infinity perforless full screen design.


Adhering to the "use first" concept

The overall screen design continues to bring forth the new

OLED displays are simpler in structure,

Combined with laser fine cutting technology,

More design excellence is achieved.

OLED laser fine cutting processing technology

Is pushing the user experience to the next level

OLED Laser Automatic Cutting "Master"

 He is a versatile player

You can drill holes into OLED displays,

You can also cut the shape of the OLED display,

Maximum processed OLED screen size: 16 inches.

His limbs are strong and flexible

The robot is used in combination with the linear module.

Combined with double-station synchronous processing,

One piece of product can be processed every 4.5s.

Unique four-axis linkage function,

More can easily process all kinds of abnormity products.


He has a pair of sharp eyes

The positioning of the product with a precision of 5um can be performed within 0.5s.

It can also perform quality inspection with the resolution of 3um to ensure quality.


How good is his craft?

Cutting accuracy: <±30um

Thermal impact: <40um


"A gentleman is good at pretending to be anything"

OLED Laser Automatic Cutting "Master"

Equipped with a variety of equipment status detection instruments,

Ensure stable operation, grain rate UP!

  Laser power meter

The laser energy output is automatically measured periodically

 Spot analyzer

Periodic automatic measurement of laser scabbers quality


Periodically and automatically measure the planeness of the workpiece loading platform

Particle Measuring instrument

 Periodically and automatically measure the cleanliness of the processing environment


"Master" front view

Back of the master

Tray loading diagram

Loading Arm

Profile location map

Platform adsorption diagram

Automatic loading and unloading of the robot diagram

High precision AOI detection chart

Strive for perfection,

Work together for win-win results,

Keyun laser always insists on independent research and development,

Break through,

Encourage to add brick to China's laser.

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