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Scientific prevention and control of the epidemic | orderly and compliant resumption of production

COWIN Release: Suzhou Keyun Laser Technology Co. LTD Date: 2020-02-28

● Return to work in this paper

Approved by the government unit

Ke Yun has now resumed 90% of its work force

All work was carried out in an orderly manner

After-sales service guarantee throughout the country

All but the affected areas have been restored

All ready for fire

Since the coVID-19 outbreak

Keyun laser resolutely implement the relevant requirements of the state

We have made rapid efforts to combat the epidemic

Ensure the safety and health of employees

On the basis of scientific prevention and control of the epidemic

Orderly resumption of production




Actively explore new articles

Because of the outbreak can not go out to recruit workers

And no in-person interviews

Keyun makes effective use of electronic recruitment advertisements

And strengthen the incentive for old employees to "bring the new with the old"

Send publicity through various channels

For the right person to take video, voice

Simulation scheme design, etc

The model absorbs excellent talents


First-line production

To reduce staff aggregation

Efficient use of space

Expand the production office area

Spread the staff out

And timely ventilation


Employee Care

Eat in batches by ration

Use separate boxes for separate meals

In order to improve the physical quality of employees

Add dishes and drinks on the basis of the original


As of today,

For employees who cannot return temporarily due to special reasons

The company will keep its jobs

And maintain close contact with employees

Guide and assist employees to solve difficulties

Expect every employee when conditions permit

Successful return to the rhyme family

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