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Laser has important applications in biology and medicine. In 1981, the World Health Organization listed laser medicine as a discipline of medicine. Laser technology is widely used from clinical diagnosis and treatment to basic medical research.

The application of laser in diagnosis is laser analysis instrument and laser tumor diagnostic analyzer, laser CT, laser holographic microscope and other laser diagnostic instruments; the application in treatment is laser knife, laser therapy machine, laser microbeam technology, endoscopic laser , Photodynamic therapy, etc. Laser can be used to treat eye diseases, anesthesia and blood tests, treat heart diseases and embolism of intravascular plaque, weld surgical wounds, treat tumors, etc.

Laser medicine is widely used and has special biological effects. It will play an increasingly important role in the field of biomedicine. Laser technology has penetrated into various fields of life sciences and has become a powerful weapon for solving clinical treatment problems.

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