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3C Electronics

3C is the abbreviation for three types of electronic products: Computer, Communicatie and Consumer Electronics. In the manufacturing process of 3C products, lasers are mainly used for laser marking, laser cutting, and laser welding. Keyun Laser is committed to the application of laser equipment in the 3C industry and provides customers with high-quality solutions.

   Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or cause a chemical reaction to change color, thereby leaving a permanent mark. Laser marking can produce various words, symbols and patterns, etc., making 3C products more personalized.

  Laser cutting has the characteristics of small deformation, non-contact processing, and strong adaptability and flexibility. The application of laser cutting in 3C products includes LCD glass, sapphire cutting, OLED cutting, FPC flexible circuit board cutting, camera protection lens cutting, mobile phone home button cutting, etc.

  The degree of precision of 3C products and the degree of electronic integration continue to increase. Lasers are used more and more widely in the manufacture of 3C electronic products. Laser marking, laser cutting, laser stripping, laser welding, PCB drilling, laser glue curing, 3D Circuit molding, laser etching, LCD glass/sapphire cutting, OLED cutting and peeling crystallization repair processes all provide effective solutions for the manufacturing of 3C electronic products.

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