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Display panel

As far as the current mainstream display market is concerned, common display technologies include LCD (liquid crystal display), OLED (organic light-emitting diode display), and emerging Micro LED and Mini display technologies. The application scenarios of display panels are TV, mobile phone, PC, car, smart wearable devices. Laser technology is widely used in the display panel industry.

Keyun Laser is committed to the promotion and application of laser cutting and laser repair automation equipment in the display industry; and has established cooperative relationships with many panel manufacturers.

Keyun Laser's automatic laser cutting equipment effectively improves cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy. Laser cutting equipment is used for Cell Cut in the Cell segment of LCD panels, POL Cut, Glass Chamfer Cut, and Glass Cut in the Module segment; Cell Cut in the Cell segment of OLED panels, Shape Cut, Pad Cut, Hole Cut in the Module segment, and flexible OLED cutting and cutting. Non-right-angled shaped cutting.

Keyun Laser’s laser repair equipment adopts Keyun’s advanced Cut, Cvd, Ink, BM, and DM technologies to repair process defects such as undesirable bright spots, dark spots, and flash points generated in different manufacturing processes of the panel. Laser repair equipment is used to repair the residual or missing metal lines of the OLED panel and the LCD panel Array segment, photoresist residue, or using Cut/Cvd/Ink technology; for the defective bright spots and poor bright spots of the Cell and Module segments of the LCD panel, use BM Technology to cover and prevent light leakage repair or use DM technology for carbonization to prevent light leakage repair; dark spot or normal repair for the bright spots in the OLEDCell and Module segments; remove and replace the defective chips of Micro LED and Mini LED. Keyun laser repair equipment is suitable for the defective repair of large, medium and small display panels. The repair success rate is as high as 99.99%, effectively improving the product yield of display enterprises and reducing production costs; providing customers with comprehensive and effective solutions.

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